When things go terribly wrong…


Did you ever wonder what your business, school, organization,… would do when things go terribly wrong? Probably not. No worries, many business leaders haven’t either. Still bad stuff happen every day and affects businesses around the world, even in Belgium. Just open your favorite newspaper or news website, I guarantee you’ll read that somewhere something went terribly wrong in the last 24 hours. Still many businesses suffer from the “It won’t happen to us – syndrome”. My cure: Business Continuity Management (BCM).

The first thing you’ll probably want to do right now is open Wikipedia and try to figure out what business continuity (BC) is. Let me spare you the effort, Wikipedia defines BC as:

“Business continuity encompasses a loosely-defined set of planning, preparatory and related activities which are intended to ensure that an organization’s critical business functions will either continue to operate despite serious incidents or disasters that might otherwise have interrupted them, or will be recovered to an operational state within a reasonably short period.”

A good definition in my opinion but maybe not that clear for some. Simply put, BC is planning for the worst thing that can happen. By reading this blog you’ll soon figure out that doing so is not so easy.

It has only been a few months since I was introduced to the concept of BC by RESCO Belgium but in that time I have learned that its importance cannot be overestimated. I believe that the business people of today and tomorrow need to be aware that not every day will be “business as usual”. That’s the beauty of the BC field, it is about focusing on the day that business will not go as planned by keeping in touch with “business as usual”.

On this Blog I’ll describe to you the most interesting developments in the BC field. I won’t bore you with theoretical frameworks but will use real life cases to make sure you’ll get acquainted with the basics of BC.

For professionals: You realized that your organization needs professional business continuity services? Don’t hesitate to contact RESCO Belgium or visit the website: http://rescobelgium.com/nl/home

Bert Cuyt – Junior business continuity consultant at RESCO Belgium.

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