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Welcome to RESCO’s Blog on business continuity managed by Bert Cuyt, master in commercial sciences, junior business continuity consultant at RESCO Belgium and currently enrolled in the digital marketing and communications program of Ehsal Management School.

A few months ago I was introduced to business continuity (BC) for the first time by RESCO Belgium. Just like most students and professionals I didn’t have a clue what BC was about but I soon found out it is something many business should be more concerned with. With this blog I would like to open the eyes of business men of today and tommorrow. I’ll be very happy if I can just make them think about the importance of BC. How will I do that?

On this Blog I’ll describe to you the most interesting developments in the BC field. I won’t bore you with theoretical frameworks but will use real life cases to make sure you’ll get acquainted with the basics of BC. In some posts I’ll also try to make links between my two favourite fields of interest, business continuity and digital marketing.

Now something about the company I work for. RESCO is a certified consultancy firm that guides companies, from the SME down the street to the multinational with thousands of employees, to a more resilient company structure. With their experience and knowledge they turn your crisis into an opportunity.

Interested in business continuity? Just follow this blog or contact Resco Belgium (http://rescobelgium.com/en/contact).

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